Meritus Mobile

Company Info

Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. is the developer of a proprietary, breakthrough technology that uses wireless devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile / Windows Laptop to provide business owners merchant banking capabilities anywhere, and anytime 24/7. Founded in early 2001, the company saw the potential of mobile businesses such as contractors, installers, vendors, consultants, taxis, plumbers, and locksmiths who deliver their product or service in the field. These businesses have had limited options to accept credit cards until now.

In order to provide the customer with a complete solution, not just a software package, Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. has formed a strategic partnership with Meritus to create, in order to provide fixed-rate, operational merchant and gateway accounts for its customers.

In the past, merchants have tolerated industry-wide abuse from thousands of  commissioned sales reps, each trying to gouge as much out of each merchant as possible- then disappear after the contract is signed. In order to remove the greatest barrier to entry, the company operates on a “direct to the merchant basis”. This removes the greatest markup in the chain: the sales rep, and makes advanced technology affordable for the first time.

Our team of professionals will walk you through the application process, help you download the software to your phone, and work with you through the years to ensure your experience with us is a profitable one.  We do not employ “Sales Reps” who disappear after the sale- EVERY employee is here to service YOU from start to finish.