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Swipe credit cards with your Blackberry

With MeritusMobile for Blackberry you can transfer funds directly from your customers credit card to your checking account! Our system even allows you to optionally “pass along” the credit card fees!* The software is available absolutely FREE to merchants who apply through, and is available in Blackberry’s AppWorld under the name “Meritus Mobile” Any Blackberry phone with an internet connection and Blackberry OS ver 4.5 or greater can instantly be turned into a wireless credit card terminal!

Swiping cards and Printing receipts is simple and easy with our Bluetooth Pocket Spectrum card reader and thermal printer. We have reduced the price of the Pocket Spectrum from $399 to $299 and we are including the $39.95 leather case with belt clip absolutely FREE to merchants who apply through

NOT compatible with Blackberry Playbook.
Not recommended on Blackberry Storm or Storm2


  • Swipe or Key transactions
  • Professional, printed receipts prevent chargebacks
  • Sale, Credit, Void functions built in
  • Ability to store transactions when out-of-range
  • Cash Receipts and Service Receipts (customer-entered tips)
  • Ability to surcharge (pass along your transaction costs)
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection Fully Encrypted
  • Fully PA-DSS Compliant


Blackberry Bold, Torch, and Pearl


AT&T,  T-Mobile,  Sprint,  Verizon, All-Star