Meritus Mobile

Follow these steps to use the Bluetooth Pocket Spectrum Credit Card Swiper and Receipt Printer on your Blackberry Device.


First, you need to Reset the Pocket Spectrum
  1. Turn off the Pocket Spectrum (if it is already on).
  2. Press and Hold the ON button for at least 3 seconds.
  3. When the paper starts advancing, release the ON button. A diagnostic sheet will be printed.

After the print out completes, the printer’s Bluetooth memory is cleared and ready for pairing to your mobile device.

1. Select “Manage Connections” on your Blackberry device.

2. Make sure Bluetooth is Checked (on).
3. Select “Bluetooth Connections”.
4. Select “Add New Device”.
5. Select the “Search” button.
Your phone will locate the Pocket Spectrum with a number beginning with “MPS” (for Mobile Pro Spectrum).
6. Select this device.
7. When asked for the “numeric passcode” enter: 1000
8. You will now see the see the Pocket Spectrum added as a paired device
9. Turn off the printer so that the settings can be encrypted and stored.

This way, your credit card information remains safe over the Bluetooth connection.

When you start Meritus Mobile and swipe a card, you may be asked to select the correct device.
10. Select the “MPS” that you paired above.

Once this is done, Meritus Mobile will remember your settings.