Meritus Mobile

Swipe Credit Cards and Print Professional Receipts with your IOS Device

iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touch- it’s your choice!
The iMerchant is compatible with any iPhone, iPad or iPod with Internet connectivity. The receipt printing capabilities set the iMerchant apart from the rest of the pack. Early versions of many Merchant Processing systems for the iOS relied on a “no receipt” or “email receipt” system. But cardholder complaints about demands for an email address and increased chargeback rates quickly showed those to be ineffective.

The iMerchant uses its replaceable battery and prints crisp legible receipts. With up to 136 receipts per roll of paper, the iMerchant is the ultimate companion for the mobile merchants. iMerchant batteries, paper and accessories are interchangeable with our Pocket Spectrum Card Reader/Printer, which works on the Android and Blackberry platforms with Meritus Mobile. This makes it easy for organizations to deploy a mix of different mobile platforms easy, inexpensive and efficient – with a single vendor for Hardware, Software, and Merchant Processing Services!

Swiping cards and Printing receipts is simple and easy with our iMerchant card reader and thermal printer.  We have reduced the price of the iMerchant from $399 to $299 and we are including the $39.95 leather case with belt clip absolutely FREE to merchants who apply through 



  • Swiped Transactions for lowest rates!.
  • Professional, printed receipts prevent chargebacks.
  • Lithium-Ion replaceable Battery Included.
  • Printhead rated for 31 Miles of printing.
  • 90 minute Fast Charger Included
  • FREE Leather Case w/ Belt Clip Included ($39.95 Value)


  • Completely Secure Connection.
  • Fully PA-DSS Compliant.


All iPhone, IPad, and iPod Touch with IOS 4.1 and higher


AT&T,  Sprint,  Verizon