Meritus Mobile
Screen Shots

Card Entry Screen

This is the screen where cards are key-entered or swiped.  At this point, you could hand-enter (key) in all the customer information, if for example, your customer had a card with a bad magnetic strip.

To swipe a card instead, just swipe it through the iMerchant, and you are ready to process the Sale!



Approval Screen

In just seconds, the transaction is processed, you can see the signature that was captured on the screen.  

GeoLocation & Notes

Additional information, like GeoLocation and Notes takes at the time of the sale are available by tapping the information panes.

Sales History

The Sales History makes it easy to issue Voids & Credits, as well as to process transactions that have been saved due to being out-of-range!

Sales Flow

Flip the phone to landscape mode to see transactions in Sales Flow view:

  • Completed Transactions are in Green
  • Saved (pending) Transactions are in Gold

Completed Transactions can be refunded (Credited or Voided, depending on the batch status), and Pending (or saved) transactions can be processed, by tapping on a transaction to see the reverse side, where pricing, truncated card information, and address information are also stored.

Navigating the Sales Flow is easy…  and FUN!

Signature Capture

Signatures are easy to capture, and are stored ONLINE in your PaymentXP reporting system.  This means when you get home from a long show or event, there are no tedious filing chores, and seperating little credit card receipts… They are already filed and stored online for you!