Meritus Mobile

We pay for your PCI Compliance Fees- So you get PCI Compliance FREE along with NO Monthly Minimums, NO Gateway Fees, NO Statement Fees, NO Termination Fees, and NO Annual Fees!

While some companies charge as much as $25 per month just for PCI Compliance Fees, your PCI Compliance Fees are part of our flat-rate billing of $24.95. PCI Compliance is MANDITORY for all Visa/Mastercard merchants, but we have a program that allows you to become compliant without spending an additional cent!

Being compliant also helps you prevent steep penalties, and our process allows you to become compliant within hours of approval of your account. Your “Welcome” email, which you will receive upon approval will contain not only your credentials to log into your Virtual Terminal and Gateway – PaymentXP – but also the information you need to log into our PCI Self-Assessment Questionaire (SAQ). For 99.9% of our merchants (unless you do more than 20,000 transactions per year) – All you have to do to become compliant is to properly answer the online questionaire

Our intent is to remind you every step of the way, to get this simple step accomplished. We can pay for your enrollment in the PCI Program and administrate it for you, but it is up to YOU to fill out the questionaire and get it over with! Some of the questions can seem like they were written in Klingon, unless you are familiar with them, but you can call us at (714)-449-0211 and we can help you get this chore over with as rapidly as possible. 

Visa/Mastercard has mandated that Merchants who do not become compliant (generally within 30 days) be assessed a fine, and we DO have to comply with that. We “Double” the traditional “Grace Period” to 60 days to give you time if you need it, but we strongly urge you to make it the first thing you do after approval so it does not get forgotten!

You fill out the Questionaire – We take care of the rest!