Meritus Mobile
Screen Shots

Reporting Screen

You can see all of your transactions here, or view them through a variety of filters!  You can also export the results to a CSV file for use with Excel! (Click on picture for Full-Size)


Sales Screen

This screen shows the overall transaction, the amount to be charged, and any signature that was captured on an optional Signature Capture Pad.  This transaction is ready to be charged, or, you can print a “Service Receipt” where the customer adds a tip, total, and signature.  You would then add the tip before processing the sale. (Click on picture for Full-Size) 

Viewing Transactions

You can also view selected types of transactions:

  • All Transactions
  • Pending (saved) Transactions
  • Approved Transactions
  • Voided / Credited Transactions
  • Incomplete Transactions

 (Click on picture for Full-Size)

User & Program Prefs.

You have full capability to tailor the operation of the program to the way you work (Click on picture for Full Size)


Hardware Setup

Setting up your hardware is easy, and we have dedicated panels to help you install your:

  • USB Card Reader
  • Optional Signature Capture Pad
  • Receipt Printer

(Click on Picture for Full Size)